EHEIM Powerline

Eheim Powerline Powerful flow and intense oxygen enrichment - PowerLine filters are the right internal filters exactly for this, fast filter or flow pump with filter, respectively.

Larger aquariums can also be operated with these models available in two sizes, both equipped with strong pumps and EHEIM high performance ceramic components.

A sophisticated diffuser adjustably transports lots of oxygen into the aquarium. The accessories include further outflow nozzles.

Thanks to the modular design, the filter volume can be adjusted individually to the aquarium and extended with additional modules (accessories). The modules are simply taken off individually in order to clean or replace filter media. Some of the useful purification bacteria are preserved through partial cleaning of individual modules.

Eheim Powerline The accessories include not only foam cartridges (in the scope of delivery) but also activated carbon cartridges for adsorptive cleaning of the aquarium water after first installation or after medication treatment.


PowerLine is fully equipped. In addition we offer a number of useful accessories:

Eheim Powerline * Elements of installation SET 2 can be used instead of the supplied diffuser.

* Biologically working filter sponges as well as adsorptively working filter sponges can be used in the filter modules. Thanks to the modular design, partial cleaning is possible which preserves the useful bacteria colonies.

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